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Wedding organization

To entrust your wedding to the Maryse Création team is peace of mind!

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Our formula


A turnkey service without hassle!

Support and complete planning

Maryse Creation offers a formula that accompanies you from beginning to end in the steps surrounding the completion of your wedding. The very day of the wedding we will be the first to arrive and the last to leave. Respect of your budget, we make it a priority allowing you to realize your wedding project respecting your limits. Our involvement in the planning and optimization of your schedules and budgets is then transferred into the realization of the day. On site, our presence serves as a guide, reassures, manages and manages to deliver the day of your dreams. We will accompany you during meetings with suppliers, service reservations and delivery of equipment. You will be able to rest on our shoulders in a total peace of mind knowing that we are there to accommodate you with the constraints met, that of time being the most critical.

Maryse Création’s formula includes:

  • File preparation including, but not limited to, bid solicitations, contract negotiation, deposit management or the acquisition of required permits.
  • The supervision of all the transactions to be carried out to achieve the marriage in order to allow you the best possible performance of the suppliers of products and services.
  • Scheduling and scheduling including dates of supplier meetings, same-day delivery, limousine availability, etc. Maryse Creation knows how respecting deadlines and schedules are crucial to the smooth running of D-Day. No detail is left to chance. The team makes it his point of honor thus ensuring you an inestimable peace of mind. We have made our specialty over the years!
  • The accompaniment in the development of themes, the choice of colors, the transactions with the suppliers, the creation of the menus, etc.


Each wedding has its theme and its colors

Design of decorations, floral arrangements and color choices

Themes development and creativity

Each wedding has its theme and its colors. The impact of your choice of colors, style and décor will create an ambiance that will follow your guests from the first minutes of the ceremony to the end of the reception, and will be reflected in your photos and memories of this precious day.

Your dream and the image you have in mind will come alive. We are available to guide and advise you with sustained attention to achieve your dream setting. We work with creativity that respects your original ideas while taking into account your budget and the constraints sometimes imposed by the room. Our work with you will respect the trends, the time and the finances planned for this purpose. With our original ideas, we will make your events magical, surrounded by our suppliers who will best meet your needs and meet your expectations.

Set design, floral arrangements

Floral art is a specialty that must integrate with your choice of theme and room. We take on the responsibility of supervising you by setting you up with the necessary specialists who will move to accommodate you and make you dream in the very room you have chosen to allow you to have a concrete idea of what will be the general visual appearance.

Choice of colors (tablecloths, covers chairs, organza, drapes, lights)

While respecting your budget we have access to suppliers who offer a wide selection of decorative elements. They move to accommodate you and help you make the best decor choices. The options available are endless. We will respect your budget and make you enjoy the best prices while supervising the installation for you.


They will be there for you, not the other way around

Choice and supervision of suppliers

In a market where you are a customer once, we are here to guide you. The animators, musicians, photographers and many other suppliers in our catalog are available to offer you a diligent and quality service. We are able to assure you that our suppliers have always delivered, through our multiple collaborations, products and services of the highest quality.

We will be at your side to confirm the market price, their level of experience and the appreciation of their services. We are available to supervise and coordinate the chosen suppliers in order to ensure a harmony between the desired service and the one that will be delivered.


Wedding vows are never forgotten!

Preparation of the ceremony

Maryse Creation pays particular attention and attention to your choice of ceremony. Whether religious or civil, we accept the role you entrust to us. We know the importance of each symbol and ritual and we are committed to scrupulously respecting your choices according to your beliefs. Both in the preparation of the room and during the magical evening, we are here to support you. We will be at your side in all preparations. Whether it’s the selection of the place, the choice of the decor or the artists. We accompany you in the very delicate stage of the selection of guests or witnesses. We are here to supervise and manage this important ceremony, according to your needs and requests and according to the limits set by you or your celebrant.


A place where you will feel at home

Venue selection

The choice of a place where are held at the same time the meal, the testimonies of the close relations, a spectacle and the dancing party can not be left to chance. It is of paramount importance. Before definitively making this choice, it is recommended to visit several rooms in order to have an overview of what is proposed and thus to choose in full knowledge of the facts. Maryse Création accompanies you from the beginning to the end of this important process. It should be known that the choice of the room affects the budget considerably. Thanks to our experience, attention to detail and respect of pre-established limits, you will be able to make an informed choice. We will advise you in the choice of your decor that will be made to measure according to the room. During the evening, we will make sure to explain what is going on behind the scenes. Everything will be done to ensure a most spectacular evening.

The day of

The first comebacks and the last outings!

Always there

On wedding day, every supplier is busy and dedicated to providing you with impeccable service. We will be there to oversee their work with tight management and coordination, on the lookout for everything. Suppliers advise us of their arrival and departure to ensure that the schedule is respected. Everything is done in the room, and at the time of setting up the decor, following the schedule of deliveries. We supervise the installation of the decor and the reception of the rentals. We coordinate the delivery of the flowers as well as the programming of the makeup and hairstyling sessions. We will ensure compliance with the contractual terms of the artists present. We ensure the punctual presence of the photographer, disc jockey or musicians. Everything is taken care of, nothing is left to chance. We also see respect for your intimacy, intentions and preferences as established at the time of marriage planning. In the greatest discretion, we are always present and watch the smallest detail THE famous big day.

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