Who are we?

Maryse' story

Founder of the company that bears her name, Maryse Noël has been involved in organizing weddings and corporate events since 2005.

The services she offers are characterized by a caring, dedicated, sincere and humane approach. This signature is reflected in each of the services and wedding planning packages offered by Créations Maryse Noël.


Who are we?


As a child, Maryse dreamed of becoming a ballerina to participate in great princess shows. Maryse has achieved her dream through rigorous training, unflinching determination and exemplary perseverance, creating a talent that is dotted with elegance and delicacy. Maryse’s determination, passion and hard work have given her access to major venues such as Les Grands Ballets Canadiens and the Ontario Ballet Theater.

An unfortunate injury has led him to redirect this talent to new horizons. In fact, after her career as a ballerina, Maryse devoted herself, for 10 years, to teaching dance at Art Rush School, which allowed children and teenagers to explore the theater. and dance. In addition to choreographing and directing budding young dancers, she has invested time and tenderness in the company to coordinate shows, find sponsors, assist with staging, manage volunteers, make costumes, etc.

Who are we?

Wedding organizer

She ended up setting her sights on organizing one of the most conducive events to arouse enchantment; the wedding. It is a most precious moment in a couple’s life and does not tolerate any false notes. Here she could enjoy as much of her ability to wonder as rigor acquired as a ballerina. She founded her wedding planning business. In the early hours of her new adventure, she worked in parallel for the Marions-Nous team as co-ordinator of the guide, the magazine and the famous Marions-Nous salon, a must-see in the business, in addition to acting as a spokesperson for the media.

With her life experience, her career as a ballerina, her work in the community as well as her work in the coordination of the Marions-Nous team, Maryse has developed an expertise and knowledge of the field of marriage. create original concepts and put his talent and experience at the service of his clients. Having become a reference in the field, the media regularly consult it since it remains on the lookout for all innovations in the industry while preserving its intrinsic values.

Who are we?

Our challenge

Maryse wants to help couples realize their dreams by respecting their current lives, their values, their current budget and their future intentions. Regardless of the budget, Maryse develops the concepts and themes of the marriage of each couple by focusing on the individual and unique characteristics of each of the two people in the couple giving them the opportunity to live an experience true to their image.

The challenge of the Créations Maryse Noël team is that you feel welcomed at your own wedding with the highest honors.
To entrust your marriage to the Créations Maryse Noël team is to entrust it to a team whose commitment is to work in the respect of your dearest wishes.

Who are we?


In 2011, Maryse added a string to her bow by also covering the organization of corporate events. The path was all drawn to explore this avenue not so far from the organization of an event such as marriage. Indeed, the contacts accumulated during the organization of weddings such as room rentals, catering search or any other type of provider converge towards the same goal.

So there was only one step to put his experience at the service of corporate events. She has embarked on the organization of various types of events including the annual fundraising of La maison bleue, a newcomer’s home.



The Women’s Street

She is in charge of Prosol Distribution Inc.’s annual suppliers’ BBQ, a company that specializes in the distribution of items and accessories related to the field of floor installation and finishing. The Women’s Street organization, which helps women living in homelessness, has given them a fundraiser, a silent auction and the opening of the second home of Women’s Street. Retirees of the Old Port longshoremen and the Purkinje pharmaceutical company called upon his services for the organization of their Christmas party.

Elisabetta Fantone entrusted him with the organization of his birthday. Maryse Création adapts to all horizons thanks to its exceptional listening and the acquired expertise.

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