Corporate events

Our commitment: to receive your guests as if you were doing it yourself. We will know how to respond to their slightest request.

  • Planning and logistics
  • Choice of the site and concept
  • Reception and management of participants
  • Multimedia and Design
  • Content and animation
  • Post event report

Our formula

Planning and logistics

Nothing is left to chance !

Full support for your event

Maryse Creation offers full support for your turnkey formula. Whether it’s a fundraiser, a recognition evening for your employees, an office party, a silent auction, the inauguration of a new branch or an annual exhibition, Maryse Création will find the winning formula while respecting your ability budget allowing you to devote yourself entirely to your guests, your customers or your suppliers. The team will take care of:

  • Determine the purpose of the event, according to your criteria.
  • Give access to a network of trusted and recognized suppliers in their fields of activity.
  • Acquire all necessary permits for the realization of the event.
  • Develop the budget for the event.
  • Negotiate all contracts.
  • Manage the assembly and disassembly on the day of the event.
  • Provide time banks to guide and train designated company employees to manage your events.
  • Coaching at the level of elocution, prize draws, presentations, etc.

Venue selection and concept

At your place or on the golf, success will be there!

Design a great atmosphere

The time spent planning and preparing for the event is a guarantee of the success of the event. Maryse Création proposes among others:

  • Establish a master plan for the selection of sites according to the objectives of the event (meeting room, dining room, restaurant, your premises, etc.).
  • Develop a theme adapted to the event by designing a harmonious decor.
  • Design a remarkable atmosphere using a specialized lighting service.
  • Create material with the image of the company.
  • Develop and negotiate the menu.
  • Design floor plans to scale.

Greeting and management of participants

Nobody sleeps on the couch

You will sleep well on both your ears

For the comfort of all and to ensure an efficient movement of participants and collaborators, the Maryse Création team takes care of all the logistics surrounding the accommodation and transport. You will sleep well on both ears.

  • Incorporate an automated registration system that includes a program that tells you the whereabouts of visitors at an exhibition or a show for example. Indicators of origin of the visitor, time spent at a given kiosk or activities in which he participates.
  • Plan and coordinate accommodation and travel.
  • Offer a high-end service, exclusive to certain members or participants (VIP service).
  • Put at your disposal an interactive voting system: why not have a system allowing you to have the pulse of your audience during the conference or congress?
  • Plan and coordinate various activities for the spouse or accompanying family.
  • Suggest a list of activities not to be missed around the event venues.

Multimedia and design

Your image will stand out

Enhance the image of your corporation

Maryse Creation will enhance the image of your corporation by offering:

  • A graphic and computer graphics service: everything you need under one roof: invitations, signage, banners, etc.
  • An audiovisual service at the cutting edge of technology: lighting, projections, interactive terminals, etc.
  • A cameraman service to be able, in particular, to project on screen the presentations, the shows or simply to keep precious memories of the event.
  • A simulcast service: a priority and unavoidable in certain contexts, so that participants who are outside the site do not miss anything that goes on inside.

Content and animation

Everyone will be impressed and will remember it

A variety of resources and ideas

Maryse Création will put at your disposal a wide range of resources and ideas enhancing the attractiveness of the event..

  • Speakers: We have access to a vast list of renowned speakers.
  • Team building activities.
  • Icebreaker activities.
  • Animators, singers and other artists.
  • A service of management of the contractual provisions of the artists (specific request, box of preparation, repetition, etc.)

Post event report

At the end... it doesn't stop here!

Achieving the goal of the event

The achievement of the objective of the event will be evaluated and put into perspective. To this end, Maryse Creation will provide you with:

  • A full report on the event.
  • An action plan to get the pulse of the clientele, their impressions or their evaluation.
  • All statistical and raw data as needed.
  • Recommendations to enhance future editions of the event.

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